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Love to cycle rural roads? Need an easy weekend, or day trip close to home? Prefer solitude to the hustle and pollution of city traffic? Donít want to buy a book?

Here is your solution: Take a day or weekend trip to a Texas State Park. Use the campground as your hub. Bike the spoke routes on the rural roads that are provided here. Texas State Parks offer the cyclist camping, safe parking, showers, picnic grounds, water, and restrooms.

Shown are cycle routes for medium to hard core cyclists. Each of the covered parks contains downloadable maps, altitude profiles, Garmin routes, que sheets, food/water sources, and other information that will allow you to enjoy the scenery. Additional information, such as weather, Texas State park page links, and sheriff phone numbers are provided.

All parks covered have camping, showers, and access to rural roads. Some have cabins, fishing, wi-fi, mountain biking, trailer hookups. These additional amenities are listed below. Please refer to the parks website for a full list. Mountain bike trails are nicely covered on the Texas state park web site , and are not covered here.

For a summary of the cycle routes, and relative difficulty, see the Maps page.

Park City Route Distances Amenities
Bastrop and Buescher Bastrop, Smithville 12, 23, 36, 38, 46 canoe, golf, hike, swim
Blanco Blanco 20, 26, 63, 75 swim (river), fish
Cleburne Cleburne 20, 27, 33, 38, 41, 52 fish, swim (lake)
Dinosaur Valley Glen Rose 25,37,41,54 swim (river), Mtn Bike
Garner Concan 27, 50, 52 cabin, canoe, fish, hike, swim (river)
Lake Somerville Somerville 31, 42, 54, 64 canoe, fish, hike, swim
Lake Whitney Whitney 28, 37, 47, 54, 74, 75 canoe, fish, hike, swim, fly
Lockhart Lockhart 32,37,49 basketball, golf, hike, swim
Lost Maples Leakey 57, 61 hike
Meridian Meridian 22, 24, 33, 46, 47, 54 hike, fish
Palmetto Gonzales/Luling 28, 55, 73 cabin, canoe, pedal boat, swim, hike
Pedernales Falls Johnson City 20, 23, 38, 55 hike, swim (river)
Tyler Tyler Stay tuned!! canoe, fish, hike, swim, mtn bike, pedal boat

The driving distance from each park to select landmarks.

Park to Park Challange Rides

Multi day rides between parks. Some are out and back routes, others loops. Requires touring gear, or loving spouse to follow with gear. Great excuse to eat a lot. Ask permission from park HQ to leave your car. This is seldom an issue.
Park, route highlight Route Distances
Buescher SP to Palmetto SP 57 each leg, 114 total
Lake Somerville SP to Buescher SP 51 each leg, 102 total
Bandera, Garner SP, Lost Maples SP, Kerrville, Bandera 36, 51, 30, 47 over 4 days, 164 total
Cleburne, Lake Whitney, Meridian, Dinosaur Valley, Cleburne 45, 38, 32, 24 over 4 days, 139 total

Notes, chip seal is a way of life on county roads. Nothing you can do about it.
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